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In Person Camps

Difficulty - All
Easy & Fun
Age Groups
4-7 and 8-13
Difficulty (Beginner - Advanced)
Age Groups
6-8 (LEGO) 8-13 (VEX)
Difficulty (Beginner - Advanced)
Age Groups
6-9 (VEX IQ) 10-15 (VEX VRC)

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1722 General George Patton
Dr Suite 500A Brentwood 37027

Kid programming robot from plastics details and programmed on tablet, robotics.


*Robotics* (No previous experience required)

The little ones (4-10 Years) will be doing simple but very captivating STEM projects using Lego’s award winning robotic platforms (Lego building blocks, smart motors, sensors and brain). The platform supports a hands-on, “minds on” learning solution that gives students the confidence to ask questions and the tools to find the answers and to solve real-life problems. For this total fun based activity with Kids building and programming with new projects in every AM or PM session. A full day student gets to do multiple projects during the day.

For older elementary kids and middle schoolers, we will be using VEX IQ for Robotics. The VEX IQ system includes plastic, snap-together pieces designed specifically for the dexterity for young hands. Students can easily build their first robot, and the wide variety of additional parts means that students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional as students continue to learn.

Instruction based chess: A very popular game for kids in last years camps. Many first timers at the camp ended up having chess as their new favorite game.

Other activities: Scratch programming, Python programming and other team fun filled games during the week.

A must do technology camp for every kid . A kid can easily go from one week to multiple weeks of the camp without feeling bored. Unlike other camps Kids have an opportunity to continue their stem career with us through the year round program as an after school activity. Check website for further details

Kid programming robot from plastics details and programmed on tablet, robotics.

LEGO Boot Camp

Our LEGO Robotics Boot Camp offers a comprehensive learning experience designed to empower participants with essential skills in robotics, engineering, and programming. Throughout the camp, participants will:


LEGO Robot Construction: Dive into the world of LEGO robotics by learning to build intricate and functional robots using LEGO bricks and components.


Programming Skills: Acquire hands-on programming skills using user-friendly platforms that bring your LEGO creations to life. Learn the basics of coding and gain confidence in controlling the behavior of your robots.


Problem-Solving Challenges: Engage in exciting problem-solving challenges that encourage creative thinking and teamwork. Tackle real-world scenarios and discover innovative solutions through collaborative projects.


Sensor Integration: Explore the capabilities of sensors and how they enhance the functionality of your robots. Learn to integrate sensors effectively for more advanced and responsive robotic behaviors.


Project-Based Learning: Immerse yourself in project-based learning, where you’ll work on exciting and practical robotics projects. Apply your knowledge to solve specific challenges and showcase your creations.


STEM Concepts: Gain a solid understanding of fundamental STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts as they relate to robotics. Connect theoretical knowledge with hands-on applications.


Showcase and Celebration: Conclude the boot camp with a showcase event, where participants present their projects and accomplishments. Celebrate your achievements and share your newfound passion for LEGO robotics with friends and family.


Our LEGO Robotics Boot Camp is not just an educational experience; it’s a journey of exploration, creativity, and skill-building that lays the foundation for a lifelong fascination with robotics and STEM fields. Join us for an unforgettable learning adventure! 🌐🤖🚀 #LEGORobotics #STEMBootCamp #HandsOnLearning”

VEX Boot Camp

Recommended for Elementary and Middle school students. Kids build advanced robots with emphasis on ROBOTC programming with Engineering notebook. There are engineering design classes too . The camp lays foundation for competitive season of 2024-25. Students from Robotix Institute were the top ranking team in Autonomous/Coding category in Tennessee state . 

Multiple weeks recommended.