1722 General George Patton Dr Suite 500A Brentwood 37027

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Address: 1722 General George Patton Dr Suite 500A Brentwood 37027
Phone: 615-721-2650

Trial Session: In this two-hour, instructor-driven session, even students with no prior experience in robotics can easily participate. Guided by our instructor, they will joyfully build a robot using building components, connecting the robot’s brain with motors, sensors, and various other parts. Upon completing the build, participants, regardless of their prior robotics experience, will embark on programming. This engaging and relaxed learning experience is designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of their technology or robotics background. Additionally, it serves as an assessment tool for us to recommend the best program for each student based on their individual learning journey. We will be assuming that the kid had no prior experience, Parents are kindly requested to inform us if their child has any prior robotics experience.

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1722 General George Patton
Dr Suite 500A Brentwood 37027